That’s right. We about to get all WOO WOO up in here. 

But… but.. Dani, what do you mean, “WOO WOO”?? 

Well my dear Britt, why don’t we call in our special guest, Urban Dictionary! Welcome, Urban Dictionary!

woo woo

Thank you, Urban Dictionary! That was quite good.  Except they misspelled “ludicrous.”  Get our adjectives right, people!

Okay, so now that we’ve admitted that maybe we are a little bit “ludicrouse” about our woo woo stuff, we can carry on being woo woo, right?


Dani, I love being woo woo with you. Like that one time when we were living together and we were doing a womb wisdom meditation and you fell asleep in the middle of leading it–

Dude. I’m like, so close to enlightenment.  It’s not even funny.  ANYWAY!  Today is February 1st, which can only mean one thing. Susan Miller Day!!!

I LOVE Susan Miller Day!!

Susan Miller is an astrologist whose website, www.astrologyzone.com attracts 6 million unique visitors every month for her monthly horoscopes.  Beware, the only drawback to this website is that she is making bank off of pop-up ads. 😦 Bad job, Susan.  All you gotta do is close them though. Don’t worry, your computer is fine.  Unless of course, your horoscope says, “BWAHAHA I predict that you will have a horrendous computer virus shut down your life in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!”  In which case that’s a really mean prank.  But don’t worry, that won’t happen.  Susan Miller just gives really great life advice.  She’s nice.

Truth be told, when I started to get into astrology, it was because I was annoyed by it.  Every description I’d ever read of a Virgo made it sound like I was a neurotic, judgmental jerk with a stick up my ass, and I begged to differ! 

And a Pisces just sounded to me like an unstable, emotional wreck of a person swimming around in woo woo land! I remember being angered by this typical description of my fishy sign at a young age.

As a child, I was riveted by astrology. I would stay over at my Grandma Jean’s house and we would read astrology books (usually the little $1 books you could pick up at the grocery store check-out aisle, which I am sure were absolute crap) and talk about the universe. I was wildly fascinated with space and the greater unknown as a child. (Cosmos-bless my Grandma for nurturing my curiosities!) I do remember thinking as a pre-teen, though, “WTF, Pisces?! A fish?? That’s lame. I want to be the lion one. Leo seems way cooler than Pisces.” And I would read:  “Pisces are very sensitive creatures that often enjoy activities such as painting and gardening?? I am SO NOT THIS!!”

I wanted to be a Leo, too!  So cool and lion-y!  Turns out my moon is in Leo.  (Woo Woo!) In fact the more I started to look at my full chart and learn how astrological charts are read, the more I appreciated that people are intensely complicated, and it is impossible to simplify a human being into a pithy quote about how “adventurous” or “organized” they may or may not be.  Hmmm, maybe this is just another useful tool to gain self-knowledge…

Ah, yes. Little loud, outgoing, and antsy kid-Britt had yet to harness the fish power that is empathy and intuition– and appreciate how beautiful a gift that is for an artist and a human. This is the Pisces way, people! And I am proud!

…Although most days I feel like:

…But you can’t put this Pisces in a box, NO! Not even a glass case!

Most people associate astrology with the belief in predestination. Or witch-craft or something. I say NAY! Astrology is quite the contrary, actually. Which is why I love it.

Damn straight, girl!  Love your fishy self!  Astrology has nothing to do with religious beliefs or fortune-telling or magic or fate or anything like that.  It is not gospel.  You create your own reality, not the stars.  But the way I see it, we are a collection of atoms in the universe, and atoms are made out of energy, and everything is made out of energy interacting in various systems.  From far away, it looks more like this:

So is it really that crazy to look up at the sky and notice the patterns?  To chart the cycles and find the math, To seek the order in the chaos?  I don’t think so.

Worst case scenario, I spend a little bit of time at the beginning of each month reflecting on where I am going and what my goals are, who I am and what makes me tick, and get some advice like, “Be clear about your intentions and focus on your goals.” 

Or my personal fave, “All the hard work you are doing is adding up to something big, and soon you will see the truth of that.” Thank you Susan Miller Pisces forecast of January 2013, ’cause I’m pretty sure I am awesome.

So yes, hi! My name is Britt Harris and I am a Pisces. I have always lived by the water and enjoy long walks on the beach. But only if it’s warm (not that rainy Oregon Coast crap).

My name is Dani Larson and I am a Virgo.  I am the resident granola-crunching-earth-mother, and I enjoy mountainous terrain, hippie stuff, and lots and lots of woo woo.  WOOOOOOO!!!!


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