happy valentwins day

That’s right people. It’s Valentwins Day today. A day when Dani and I will publicly profess our love aaallll over the Interwebs (as if that wasn’t the point of this whole freaking blog anyway).

Please take a moment to take in this monument of our love, in chronological order:







Oh my GOD so much love happening!! It is impossible to look away!!  It’s like the sun.  As you can see, the flame is still burning.  We’ve been honeymooning for years now, and it doesn’t look like the spark will ever fade.  HOT! (…So many mixed metaphors/puns right there.)

In honor of Valentines/Valentwins Day, a time in which we celebrate the ones we love, here are some love montages for you to enjoy:


2.) Elephant love!

3. ) Portland’s very own….ISAAC LAMB’S LIP DUB PROPOSAL! (that’s right, that guy’s my buddy)

4. ) The follow-up to Isaac’s proposal to Amy and celebration of love, YES TO LOVE!:

Is anyone crying yet? Because I am currently weeping tears of joy at my desk.  Dude, I wept like a baby at my desk when I first saw that.  Fuh real.


And to you, our friends, who take the time 3 days out of your week to read the crazy babble we write on here… we love you. We thank you. You are incredibly attractive and we want to date you.  All of you.  At the same time. As long as you all keep it on the downlow. From each other. 

X’s and O’s,

Britt & Dani

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