And now, for the portion of the blog where Britt and I tell you THE MOTHAFUCKIN’ FUTURE.

The FUTURE, biotches. fortune teller We know what you’re thinking. 

“Okay, 2EA is back. What the hell are they doing?”

Great question. We have no idea. Ever. We never have any idea what we are doing. If it seems like we do we don’t. We have no idea what we are doing. 



THE FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***

1. Britt will get fucking FAMOUS

BON Slamdance

Today, this very day, possibly even right now, Britt Harris is on her way to Slamdance. ((Actually she’s on her way to Washington where her Mother will nurse her back from the brink of death so that she can attend her Grandmother’s funeral but THEN SHE WILL BE AT SLAMDANCE AND BE FUCKING FAMOUS.))

Winter’s Bone is to Jennifer Lawrence what Birds of Neptune is to Britt HarrisThe rad indie movie that put her on the map and ultimately was responsible for her being a billionaire. 

Say what you will, but IT COULD HAPPEN. And I’m her best friend so it’s my fucking JOB to predict the future and say that she is the most amazing person in the universe and the best possible outcome could and WILL happen to her. Anyway, she’s already the brightest star in my sky (awww).

But the thing is… 


So everyone needs to just wise up and give Britt lots of money so we can pay our rent. So SUCK IT HOLLYWOOD. Make it happen. Dani has spoken. 

2. Dani will do three plays AT THE SAME TIME MFAActingSpringRep_ Dat’s right! My girl is so close to finishing her Master’s Degree and this is her final shebang as an MFA Acting Student at USC. Her big thesis. Her last hoorah. The Big Lebowski. The Three Play Rep. THE HOOTENANNY OF THE YEAR!!!!!! If you are in the LA area and you don’t come see her act in one (*cough ALL! cough*) of these three badass plays from February 7th to March 8th, then you are a fool. A FOOL, I SAY!! The woman is a genius and every time I see her work I cry like a little babybitch. Please come support this fine actor’s work, you will be blown away. And if you are geographically unable to attend, I will annoyingly stage-mom everything back to you via this blog, obviously. So you can look forward to THAT.

That’s right, people, 5 weeks of performances, around 6 performances each week, 3 plays to choose from. Check it out biotches. “The Seagull”, “The Servant of Two Masters”, and “Blood Match”. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! 😀



(c) Emily Sandifer Photography

3. Dani will get a new phone, followed by 2EA taking over the twitterverse


Dani attempts to use the Two Evil Actors Twitter account

Unbeknownst to you all, Two Evil Actors done created a twitter account (@twoevilactors, fool), so you can have little nuggets of evil to get you through your day each day. 

Unfortunately, one of us is a big stupid with a stupid phone so has been holding the Two Evil Actors team back. And I’M SORRY! One day soon I will have a new phone and then we will be tweeting jokes at you till your brains explode so watch out. 

4. Britt and Dani will both get badass representation to support their evil empire.  jesus says empire I predict that by the end of 2015 there will be an entire team of people to attend to our every whim and need.  Agents, Managers, Pedicurists, Professional-Openers-of-Doors, and even World Leaders will be lining up around the block to be a part of the 2EA Team.  We plan to hire at least three dogs in bow ties to act as posse.  Any interested dogs can type into the comments below, and you will be contacted personally with an address to which you can send a headshot and resume.  Bow ties in doggie headshots are an absolute necessity. Other animals in bow ties may also be eligible for consideration. Stay tuned. 

5. Britt and Dani will make funny sketch videos to flood your brain with even more evil.  evil flow through you By the end of 2015, we will have created 6 vids for your viewing pleasure. 

….Ewww not those kind of vids. Dani is my SISTER. Get your mind out of the gutter, you nasties.

Also unbeknownst to you, Britt and I have been writing more than just this madhouse that we call a blog. We’ve got sketches in the works my friends. Funny sketch comedy videos. 6 of them. And maybe even….a feature film. We are writing MACHINES. 

We’ve got big plans, my friends. So get ready for our Evil Empire to expand. It’s gonna be good.


Dani and Britt

***Or at least some stuff that we hope/think/dream/desire/believe will happen. Because you know. The Secret.  the secret

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