dani does three plays AT THE SAME TIME

As most of you probably know, I am getting my MFA in Acting at USC and I’M FINALLY GRADUATING THIS SPRING!!


I could not be more excited to be free again and have agency over my time, but the past three years of my life have been the most transformative, incredible, invaluable experience and easily the most worthwhile thing I’ve ever done. 

The USC School of Dramatic Arts MFA Acting Program:  

Each year, 9-14 actors are selected to participate in the program, and over the course of three years, the small ensemble sweats, bleeds, and cries together to form a company of actors.  Andy Robinson yells things at us like, “GET INTO YOUR BODY!! WHAT’S THE DYNAMIC TODAY??” David Warshofsky takes long pauses and makes cryptic statements like “This is not this.” Natsuko Ohama pokes me in the belly and says, “Do we believe her, you guys? We don’t believe her. How are you going to say these words, Danielle?” David Bridel makes us crossdress and do shitty mime and then yells, “IDIOTS.”

After this very serious and intense training

sideways glance


Ahem. As I was saying. After this very serious and intense training we are transformed from this:



Into this:

USC MFA Acting Class of 2015. You can spy the Dani in the top left.

USC MFA Acting Class of 2015. You can spy the Dani in the top left.


That’s the magic of training. Need I say more?

As the culmination of our degree, that sexy group of actors, a mere 9 people, is attempting the very sexy feat of doing THREE PLAYS AT THE SAME TIME.


That’s right, people.  It’s called repertory theatre and it is kind of the perfect challenge to give us as our “thesis project.”

Like, “Okay bitches. You think you’re actors? Then do a play. No wait, do THREE PLAYS. SIMULTANEOUSLY. Mwahahaha…”

It doesn’t get any better than this.  What’s better than doing one play?? Doing THREE plays!! It’s fun as shit. I’m real tired and real overwhelmed because there are not enough hours in the day, but as of February 7, I get to settle in to a five week run of shows I’ve been working on for months. 


If you are in the LA area, please, please, please come check out a play!  Whether you want to see some Russians in various existential crises in “The Seagull”, some Italians doing some madcap hijinks in “The Servant of Two Masters”, or some Mexicans try to deal with a heroin cartel in “Blood Match”, you are guaranteed to have a good time. 

The fact that this year’s Spring Repertory is very international is super fitting for our ensemble.  We are from every corner of the United States, we have first-generation Americans, international students, we are the world!  It’s been a joy and at times a challenge forming deep artistic bonds across so many different beliefs and backgrounds but we’ve got a hell of an ensemble with some real electricity to share with you.  We truly are an awkward family and it’s a beautiful thing and these plays are beautiful. Our casting is totally race-blind and at times even gender-blind, which allows us to really challenge assumptions based on race and gender, and get to a deeper understanding of the universality of the human experience. 

So come see our plays!! Theatre is rad!!

lincoln meme

Ugh, shut UP, Lincoln, that was like ONE TIME.

Seriously, guys, come check out these plays, they are fucking rad. Here’s a little teaser of “Blood Match” to whet your appetite a little bit.


The dance that you see in the video was choreographed by Kimberli Flores, a member of our ensemble who you may know as a world renowned salsa dancer.  She researched Mexican wedding dance called zapateado and wove it throughout the play.  The blond bitch singing is me, because you know. You always gotta have the blond bitch singing shit. Or something. 

In case I haven’t done enough shameless self-promotion yet, here’s the link to more info, tickets, etc. Or you can check out the Three Play Rep on facebook. If you’re thinking about coming, come early in the run!  We open on February 7th and run for five weekends, but come early because the last weekends sell out. 

Doing this Repertory for us is a huge celebration of the time we’ve spent in training. We are all super excited to get out there in the world and start kicking ass and hustling with all the other badass working artists who inspire us each day (cough cough Britt) but we are also enjoying this time doing what we love and applying all we’ve learned.  If you want a sneak peak into what I’ve been up to at USC for the past three years, I hope to see you this February or March. 

All my love and a million more additional buckets of love,


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