I am now on my third week of real post-grad-school life. 


Just kidding.  It’s more like

uptown funk

Here is the highlights reel of Dani’s life post-graduation.  I was going to do a graduation post but the sweetest best friend a girl could ask for beat me to the punch.  So here we go!  Post-grad life!  Highlights Reel!

1.  Hung out with these guys!

Ma & Pa

Ma & Pa

The Mom and The Dad made the trek down to Los Angeles to watch me wear a funny hat and give a commencement speech.  IMG_3550

…I have to say that was kind of a highlight.  Here is my quotable quote that I will quote myself saying… 

“Above all, I hope that every graduate in this room remembers that you are infinite–that that sacred creative space inside each of you is infinite and that you yourself are enormous.  May you bring that knowledge and the size of your spirit to every story you tell, and may you never stop telling stories.”narcissist

My Ma and Pa and I ate tasty meals, drank tasty wine, drove to Malibu, walked around Griffith Park, played weird tee ball at Golden Road Brewing, saw Mad Max, and all around had just a hoot and a holler. 

2.  …Did a lot of hooting and hollering. 

party hard

There’s just been so much to celebrate!!

The birthday of The Suz…

Happy Suz Day!

Happy Suz Day!

The birthday of this guy…

Ryan Reynolds, The Moldy Demon

The Ryan Reynolds

My Gradjamacation…

This is what a Master of Fine Arts looks like kids.  Take it in.  Oh.  So impressive.

This is what a Master looks like kids. Take it in. ….Wow.  Just… wow.

Needless to say my liver is not pleased and this June is going to be a sober one.  You know, mostly sober.  Sober within reason.  I mean come on. 

3.  Auditioned for stuff?  I guess I’ve had a couple auditions…No hits yet, but that is #actorlife for you. You just keep at it right?  It’s been TWO WEEKS since I gradjamacated so everybody just calm down.  

try try again

BOOM.  Inspirational post-it note.  I know that’s why you be reading this blog.  Life got you down?  Come to Two Evil Actors for inspirational stock images that we found on google. 

inspirational cat

…That cat has so many dreams. SO MANY.  To climb a very tall tree, to eat a full-sized human, to be the next great American novelist…

4. I was in this sick-ass music video that my sick-ass friends made because they are ballin’-ass mofos. 

5. I worked some jobs.  Like a lot. Like a lot of jobs. All the time. Jobs jobs jobs.  Did I mention jobs? 


I am a…






aaaaaaaand a WAITRESS!!!!!!!

Oh wait, except for the fact that….

6. I lost my job.  You know, the most consistent one. The one that paid the most. The one that all actors have.  


I went into work three days ago and there was a sign posted outside the kitchen that the restaurant got sold and we had a week of employment left. 

oh shit

Oh wait, I mean


Tryin’ to be INSPIRATIONAL here at Two Evil Actors.  Gotta stay all optimistic and whatnot.  So you know what?  In the words of this manatee, 

youve got this

Everything is gonna be oooookay.  The past few weeks have been such an insane combination of blissfully, insanely happy and totally overwhelmed and defeated,

mutha feckin GCOES.

which is probably exactly where I should be three weeks after finishing a really intense three-years-long Master’s program in a field that does not guarantee a stable job.  So it’s all good in this hood! There is only one way to go, and that way is forward.  

inspirational photo

Inspirational photo, betches! Feel free to use this as your wallpaper or paste it to your headboard.

There are always more jobs to be had, and ultimately this is a reminder that I need to focus on the job that I’m best at, on the job I’m in love with and that has laid the path for my life thus far.  It’s time to spend less time worrying about stuff I don’t care about and more time applying my mind to my purpose.  ….World domination.  ….I mean ACTING.  Ahem.  Acting. That’s the one. 



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