britt goes DOWN UNDAH

Friends, as you may have noticed, I have gone a bit off the grid and am currently living in a strange and glorious land. australia A land where bars are often referred to as hotels, where coffee is taken white, and I am the crazy wanker with the accent. anigif_enhanced-buzz-23905-1386202168-0It is a parallel universe where kangaroos are nothing but large hopping stray dogs, 


WTF are you doing, Kangaroo?! GET A JOB.

and these large hopping stray dogs RUN the place.

And so friends, I must be wary.

I must be wary because I’m getting addicted to meat pies,


My first experience consuming a meat pie. I simply CANNOT in this moment. At all.

and all of the chocolate candies that do not exist back home.





My lungs are getting way too used to the smogless harbor air,1422618_939235502654_2206862013059351666_nthere are rainbows and butterflies and world peace and unicorns all over the fuckin place,


And… footy. Just footy. All the time, footy.*


*American translation: “Rugby”.

What’s not to love??

For about a month now, I have been doing work as an assembly editor /  filmie slave bitch (#WORTHIT) at my friends’ production company in Sydney, Australia.

But let’s just call it where we see it, folks —  this is just thinly-veiled excuse to Live the Aussie Lyfe DOWN UNDAH. How did such an opportunity come around you may ask?

You can blame the Arizona International Film Festival*:


*where Birds of Neptune was Film Fest Circuit-ing

and these dudes:


Best. Decision. Ever.


Hello from the other side of the Pacific.


And, because you’ve been asking, below is a list of The Notable Aussie Things I Have Done So Far:

1.) I Tried Vegemite for the first time.


2.) And, simultaneously, tried Vegemite for the last time.



3.) Became a Hilltop Hoods fan.

I CANNOT stop listening to the Hilltop Hoods, in particular, THIS song: ‘MERICA, WHY is this not a thing?! Catch up!!

4.) I’ve learned to speak Australian: (Okay, not really. I get made fun of. But still.)

5.) Ducked into the Sydney Aquarium:


…where I like to hang out with huge monster crabs stoned, apparently.

6.) Took an an epic ferry ride:


Who invited that special kid in the center?

7.) Saw Mad Max on the largest IMAX in the world:


I needed therapy after this. In all of the best ways.

8.) I’ve up-ed my drinking game to blend in with the locals:


Look! I befriended a bartender! Look! I drank all of the alcohol! Look! I’m really, REALLY sober right now!

And though I have yet to see a kangaroo in real life (just you wait til I venture out of my urban bubble), I have 9.) touched a boomerang (heyyoo!) and 10.) worn an Australian Hat thing.


yeah. this thing.

So this means I’m at lease three – fifths Aussie at this point.

You can’t take that away from me.


G’day from the other side of the Pacific,


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