britt is a-roadtrippin down undah

Hello friends back Stateside and elsewhere, 

As promised, here is an extended account of my amazing Land of Oz Roadtrip in photographic form!

You all may thank my walk-about spirit guide / road-trippin’ partner-in-crime, #snugglebearsam for the majority of these photos. 

Thank you, Sam!!



Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 7.30.54 PM

…and let’s do this Ye’ Olde “Bullet points and Sloppy Captions” way, shall we?

You get the idea. Don’t make me do aaaaaaall of the work.

Here we go!

New Castle, New South Wales:

I spent my first Fourth of July on non-American soil here. IMG_20150704_105702 And look! Sam found me a real, ‘MERICAN party!IMG_20150704_162134 I made it my personal mission to find a way to make s’mores in a graham cracker-less country — with the help of some Aussie friends back home (thanks Zach!!).20150704_183715Success!

I also made it my mission to make bucketfuls of “Po’ Man Sangria”, which I drank the majority of.

…and then promptly fell asleep in the hammock in the backyard. 

(But woke up in time to set shit in fire, so that’s all that matters.) ‘MERICA!!

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Happy 4th! ❤ #MERICANdownUNDAH

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I also saw whales out here: 20150613_123220

Simply. Amazing.

Forster, NSW:

A definite Forster highlight for me was this warm, immaculate, secluded beach,

IMG_20150706_121853and the pod of dolphins that swam right past us at this dockside restaurant,Photo 6-07-2015 1 13 39 pm…as well as these pelican friends whom I asked to hang out with me. 😀IMG_20150706_152155


On the Road (NSW):

These photos are so epic, they don’t need captions.

IMG_20150707_120245 Photo 7-07-2015 12 01 07 pm Photo 7-07-2015 1 49 02 pm

(…am I right?)

Byron Bay, NSW:

This young and transient town was probably my favorite spot on our coast-side quest.


Our handful of days here were stormy and beautiful,IMG_20150709_122250so Sammo and I spent much of our time playing cards,20150708_185213 and drinking in rad places. IMG_20150708_194921 We also cheered on the beloved New South Wales Blues in Origin Game 3 (THE DECIDER), IMG_20150708_200246 bad sadly, lost absolutely MISERABLY to Queensland. (So we drank more.)


My favorite part of Byron was going to the lighthouse, where I was completely blissed-out of my mind the whole time. Photo 9-07-2015 3 25 47 pm See? Photo 9-07-2015 3 44 17 pm Blissed. OUT. Photo 9-07-2015 3 44 20 pm (1) I want to roll around in this view and steal its essence.IMG_20150709_163022 Photo 9-07-2015 3 45 06 pm I apologize for the amount of lighthouse photos I have and will continue to dump on you. Photo 9-07-2015 3 22 18 pm Photo 9-07-2015 3 28 35 pm (1) Actually, no I don’t. Fuck that. I apologize for nothing. ‘Cuase lighthouses are AWESOME. Photo 9-07-2015 3 51 44 pmAnd so are VIEWS!! This afternoon was amazing. Photo 9-07-2015 3 17 05 pm I even allowed myself the luxury of having a few emotional moments with myself:2-q2aAXSo2yO_1tjDWilHy5uocxTf83ZkLtRGDld8sY Photo 9-07-2015 3 42 42 pm

And after waving to everyone back home across the Pacific from the most Easterly point of the Australian mainland, I was dragged back into civilization. THIS. Was a pretty badass day.

Coolangatta, Queensland:

On the last leg of our trip, we took an afternoon pit-stop after crossing the boarder into Queensland:


and it is quite indisputable that the backdrop of the Gold Coast skyline at this beach was second-to-none.

Gold Coast, QLD:

At the northern-most point of our journey,


Photo 12-07-2015 1 09 29 pm

Photo 11-07-2015 11 05 59 am


These Gold Coast sunsets were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.


Okay. Wow. Yeah. 

This road-trip blew my mind. I keep trying to figure out what piece of the journey impacted me the most in this blissful blur of hostels, smogless breeze and ocean views. But I can’t. And I don’t want to. This was such an incredible experience and I am so grateful to have taken this journey. To say that I am happy that I decided to take this spur-of-the-moment trip Down Undah (AND extending my stay in this incredible country) would be in astronomical understatement. 

Everything is awesome.

A with less than a week left in this hemisphere, I plan to soak every last minute up. 


I shall return triumphantly back to this crazy love to make some crazy awesome evil actor-y stuff:


(P.S., Dani, when I first looked at this pic you sent me, I could have sworn you were eating Kangaroo BOOBS.)

See you soon LA (and beyond),


5 thoughts on “britt is a-roadtrippin down undah

  1. Great epic account of a life-changing journey. I hope this experience will prompt you to find more adventures. They’re out there, you just have to find them. You are awesome and Australia is going to miss you when you’re gone.

  2. OK Sunshine, I want to hear more about this when you get to Portland. I’m really glad you’ve had such a good time. When will you be here? And you’re bringing me a baby koala, right? I’m really counting on that, so don’t bother coming without one.

    • I’m unsure of the exact date, but I will be in PDX in the later half of Aug through the first week of Sept! I am trying my best to bring a baby koala back… I guess I’m gonna have to try REALLY hard!! xxo, see you SOON!! -Britt

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