the googlesearch game

Happy Friday, everyone!! From Portland, Oregon and Ladakh, India, your friends Britt and Dani would like to give you a little weekend treat.

Yes. Happy Friday indeed.

And this Friday we would like to introduce you to a little game that Dani and I like to call: “The (Exclusive Two Evil Actors) Google Search Game”. Welcome aboard, sports fans.

As you may recall from our oh-so-popular post“hotswetymonkysex” (which, oddly enough, got WAAAAAY more hits than any of our other posts… thanks a lot, you gross f*ckers), good Christians from around the world type very questionable things into search engines and find our blog.

…I know, SHOCKING. Because we are so appropriate and PC. It’s hard to believe.

But the stats don’t lie, people.

In the past, our blog has been discovered by typing in popular buzz-words and phrases such as:

“gypsy transvestite”

“american actors all look the same”

“tickle torture”

“kittens saying poop”,

and of course, the ever popular: “hotswetymonkysex”.

…And that’s just in one week, my friends. Each week brings whole new box of gems. And lucky for us, I’m sure each week also brings tens of millions of new follows who happened to stumble across our incrediblog by typing in the catch-phrase: “bitches be like size doesn’t matter”.

So, without further adieu, here are the winners of this week’s edition of the Two Evil Actors Google Search Game:

“flying fart gif”

“crying at desk”

“bitch please i’m a virgo”

“shoulder stand girl lift and carry”

“peanut birthday”

“two bitches are together”

“meditation posture ‘fart’ ” (…do we see a theme here?)

…and my personal fave:

“pigments of your imagination clown”.

I’m so honored to know we’re reaching such a broad and diverse audience. We are truly making a difference here, people. We’re giving back. That’s called COMMUNITY.

Now go forth and do something epic for your community this weekend. Hug a kitten that knows how to say “poop”.

love from your evil farty yogi peanuts,


~britt who is sort of pretending to be dani right now & dani who is in India