britt talks 3-2-1-ultimate body SHUTDOWN!

As I lay here in bed watching a marathon of Twin Peaks after having slept in ’til 2pm, I can’t help but chuckle to myself when I think about the theme of me and Dani’s last post.


You could probably guess after reading my last post entitled “feeling weak and finding family” and skipping my personal post last week all together, I was working some major shit out. The goal? Taking some time out of the regularly scheduled spazz programming for some Me Time.

Well… as much as I’d like to think I was making progress in this aspect of life, I’m not sure that I was succeeding in taking care of myself the way I was really supposed to. I was not listening to my body. I attributed my constant fatigue and emotional outbursts to “being in a period of transition” or “being in my 20s” or “general life instability” and didn’t give these signals the attention they deserve. I just kept pushing on, true to Britt-fashion, without mercy. So, my body took its own Me Time… against my own will. ‘Cause, as I’m sure we all know, sometimes the body acts as its own separate entity.

Well played Body, you asshole.

And no, this is not your typical stubborn portland cold but rather a stress-triggered outbreak of rashes and inflammation all over my body (I know, I know, gross) that has made it very difficult for me to function like a normal human being in public as I can barely get through a conversation without scratching my ballooned face off. I could get into more gory details (it is as morbidly fascinating as it is embarrassing), but I will spare you.  All you need to know if that I kind of look and feel like Elephant Man right now.

The main take-away from this for me is that if I do not take care of my physical and (especially) my emotional health, my physical and emotional self will not take care of me. It is time for me to truly respond to these triggers so my body doesn’t feel like it has to scream at me to get me to listen. I need to not be such an insensitive bitch to the rest of my person. I need to be aware that this could quickly become more of a downward spiral if I am not careful.

But hope, HOPE!! Hope abounds! This forced-down time has given me a great opportunity to be thankful for my greater health and to cherish the energy and drive that I have in my daily life. As much as I love resting and pushing the re-set button, I look forward to getting my head back in the game.

‘Cause after taking a day off of work, two nights off of rehearsal, and successfully completing a Sleep Marathon, you know I’m going to come out on the other side feeling good as new.

…With new and improved self-care habits, of course.

Wow, I’m already feeling better and more motivated and less-rashy just writing all of this! IT’S MAGIC!!

Anyway. Whatever. All of this is neither here or there, they are merely thoughts floating around my drugged-up brain that I wish to share with all of you, Internet world. For better or for worse.

So anyway. Back to business!

It’s been a little while since we’ve caught up, so let me bring you to speed on some of my latest activities:

My week (s):

Rehearsals for Aloha Say the Pretty Girls with Theatre Vertigo are in full swing:

Mario Calcagno, Joel Harmon, Liz Pierce, Tyler Ryan, and Britt Harris at first read

Mario Calcagno, Joel Harmon, Liz Young, Tyler Ryan, and Britt Harris at first read

Brooke Calcagno & Joel Harmon in blocking rehearsal

Brooke Calcagno & Joel Harmon in blocking rehearsal

Little Julian Pierce (son of sound designer Liz Pierce) helping out Brooke Calcagno with her scene!

Little Julian Pierce (son of sound designer Liz Young) helping out Brooke Calcagno with her scene!

Last week I had a madcap, there-and-back-in-8-hours trip to Seattle for a film auction:

photo1 photo

#206love, bitches!

And this week I had I had a madcap there-and-back-in-20-hours trip to Tacoma with my good friend Katie Farewell to celebrate Tacoma School of the Arts (SOTA) in their annual Artrageous auction in association with Tacoma Science and Math Institute (SAMI):


It was an honor to be Katie’s date to such an awesome and important event and to reconnect with my hometown a bit, event if it was for the briefest of moments!


God… arts education in schools could not be more important. I am strongly resisting the urge to get up on my soapbox about this issue right now, but I WILL spare you from that for the time being, just as I did with the gory details of my hives/elephant man/ ifeellikeimtakingcrazypills disease. Becuase let’s be real. I just want to get this post done so I can get back to watching Twin Falls and sleeping and being drugged up.

So anyway. What else.

Oh yeah!


I finished shooting my one and only pick-up day for feature film Birds of Neptune last week. This is how it felt:

that's a BON picture-wrap on Britt!!

that’s a BON picture-wrap on Britt!!

By that Day 18 of shooting, everyone was exhausted:

MUA Sarah Prevo and set-cat/animal guest star Braveheart take a well-deserved nap in the green room

MUA Sarah Prevo and set-cat/animal guest-star Braveheart take a well-deserved nap in the green room

So yeah, okay Body, I get it. I need time out. I need to calm the fuck down.

I can take that advice this time. I really can.

One step at a time, one day at a time. Breathe.

Now– sidebar– if there’s one thing that I am truly looking forward to– the light at the end of the stress and over-work tunnel , if you will– it’s this shit:


That’s right. 3 weeks and counting until my Dani girl and I are reunited in Los Angeles. And there will be epic, non-stressful, non-rashful times. Just what the doctor ordered.

You hear that, Body?!

Alright, I’m spent. I need to get back to finding out who killed Laura Palmer.

all my love to you, my friends,