britt talks moving into her brother’s basement

That’s right people. The winds of change, they are a-blowin.

…A-blowin me straight down the rungs of the adult ladder. As I am a fully capable adult moving into a 100 sq. foot room in my 21-year-old brother’s basement.

But hey, I need to save money, a good chunk of money. And fast.

Why, you may ask?image

That’s right, I’m going on an adventure! A big, fat, I’m-Moving-to-Los-Mutha-Feckin-Angeles adventure.

I went public with this decision in my last post, and told you all that I am about to make some major changes in my life. Starting with squatting in the basement of my brother’s college house (read as: “glorified storage unit that I will use as I classily couch surf around Portland for 7 months”).  It is totally worth the $500 I’ll save each month for my big adventure. Cool, I’m in.

In theory this is a brilliant money-saving plan. But what about in reality? Will I be able to maintain my sanity? I would have to thoroughly inspect this testosterone-charged collegiate nuthouse to find out.

When I went over to examine my future “room”, I stumbled into a door laying horizontally in the dining room, fulfilling its true destiny as a beer-pong table.

“Ohh, yeah.. that’s the door to your room, I’ll put it back before you move in down there,” says dear brother.

Okay, excellent. I’m so down with that. College, whooo.

As I go downstairs, I hear:

“Uhhhh that gerbil will not be in there when you’re living in there either, so… we’ll move that.”

Sure enough, there was a caged gerbil chillin in my room among a twin-sized mattress (questionable), a stubby green couch (also questionable), at least six empty beer cans and a mason jar filled with mold and red slush, which I deduced to be moldy red wine.

There may have been a hobo squatting in that room for all I know. And honestly, I was impressed that this hobo fit all of that shit in there.

But worry not! I shall make my brother deep clean all surfaces and I shall make this tiny basement cellar my own! I will make it a shoebox of inspiration and fully realize the power I have to leave this city! I will put Every Cent I Save In Rent A Month into a savings account to move to LA! I got this!!  


Sigh. I’m going to miss my studio apartment in inner SE Portland more than anything. It has been a sanctuary to me for the past 15 months I have been living there, with its view of the downtown Portland skyline and it’s 20 foot ceilings…double sigh. Luckily, it looks like my dear friend Suzanne will be moving into my old place, so I most likely will be spending quality time there. All things considered, it seems that this move was meant to be. I needed a way to save money fast and this situation fell in my lap in the course of a week. Thank you Universe, I’ll take it.  

And in the midst of all of this shenanigans, other artistic progress was made this week, too, friends.

My Week:

One pretty rad thing about living with my brother is that we will have lots of time to write music together. This week we focused on mapping out a plan to record music we have written. Below is a cover we did two years ago–this will give you a taste of our sound. Also, my bro makes a lot of really odd faces. Which is fun. I wish I could give you a sample of an original song we’ve written, but you’ll save to just stay tuned for that.

The whirlwind of events came at the end of the week. I had a madcap day trip to Seattle for an audition:


Had day two for the Kodomo music video shoot where I got to play a SCIENTIST (nerd-win):Kodomo

And attended the designer run for the show The Velvet Sky that I am producing with my theatre company, Theatre Vertigo:

Velvet Sky

So as I uproot myself from my home to move into a room the size of a closet in a house full of college boys, life still chugs along around me.


This is what is important. To move in the direction of my dreams. And sometimes that means moving into your little brother’s basement for a half of a year.

If nothing else, at the end of these 7 months I will have a pilot written about an adult woman who moves into the basement of a frat house.

After all, “Everything is raw material. Everything is relevant. Everything is usable.” Thanks for backing me up, Twyla Tharp. This is going to be fun.

Me and my bro, Nate. What could possibly go wrong?

Me and my bro, Nate. What could possibly go wrong?