dani talks inspiration

Oh man.  Not to rub it in, Britt, my dear sweet sicky-pants, but it was like 85 degrees in Los Angeles today.  Which is up like 50 degrees from two weeks ago.

What WHAT!!! Whatup, climate change? (Don’t worry, the temperature will start dropping again soon here.)

Speaking of which, how ’bout them Obama apples??  Freaking historical–first President to give an open call to arms against climate change. AND for gay rights.  Our President–who has been criticized for being too equivocal, too mild-mannered, too ineffective, too pussyfoot, too “reasonable,”  used reason and passion in perfect balance to legitimize major important issues.  Of course, now everyone is talking about our crrrazy liberal president with his crrrrazy liberal agenda, but let’s just stop for a second and appreciate this moment shall we?

If you had been driving on I-5 South from Burbank, CA at 11:15 a.m. on Monday, January 21st, you would’ve seen a girl wearing a now-defunct Livestrong sweatshirt in a battered chevy with Idaho plates JOY-SOBBING HER BALLS OFF driving down the freeway.  Straight up you guys.  I was listening to the inauguration coverage on NPR and hearing our President speak with his old fire and passion and hope, speaking from his gut about real shit without the politician-robot-affectation that he had begun to slip into occasionally, and I was done for.  Those who know me will not be surprised to hear that I could not stop sobbing/weeping/laughing for a half-hour straight.  It was probably not a safe state of mind to be driving in.  For God’s sake you guys:  On Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2013 we swore in our first black president for his second term and he swore to serve this country on the bibles of Abraham Lincoln and Dr. King himself.  Best MLK Day EVER.  And Obama has such humility and grace about the whole thing.  Absolutely beautiful. 

I definitely did not feel like I was short on inspiration this week.  Here are some inspirational gems from the first week of acting school this semester:

  • “It will take time.  We have imagination.” –Alejandro Buceta Parron
  • “We’re removing the bullshit. It’s not a magic trick.” –David Warshofsky
  • “You don’t have to know anything.  You just have to make a decision and see what happens.”  –David Warshofsky
  • Frank Dwyer, our Textual Analysis professor, told us to go read an essay by George Orwell called “Politics and the English Language,” about when people started to use language more to obscure than to communicate.  Later that same day, our Voice teacher Natsuko said with great gravity, “I want you all to relearn how you approach language.”
  • I have to bring in a real speech given publicly to work on in my Movement class, and in my research I stumbled across this gem, a commencement speech given by Ursula K. Leguin in 1986.  Once again, imagine Dani sitting at her kitchen table weeping from inspiration.  I’m a hot mess, you guys.  Even if all you read is the quote at the very top of that link, it will be worth it, especially if you are a lady.

I wrote this in my notes last week: “It never ceases to amaze me how much this program blows my mind.  Integrative approach to humanity, Observation of self… Don’t pay attention to what a man says, pay attention to what he does.  That’s who he is. ”  Today Andy, the head of my program, hit the nail on the head when he said that being an actor is about figuring out how to be a human being, and went on to say:


Which brings to mind another Nike thing that is actually really inspiring to me.

You’re welcome, Nike, for the free advertising. 

Anyway, between the real world and the world of grad school, my artistic flames have been fanned with fury this week, and I am happy I get to share my week of inspiration with you, blog-o-sphere.  In order to incorporate my ramblings about Obama with my ramblings about grad school, please enjoy the following meme, starring the always-wonderful-in-everything Meryl Streep.

You’re welcome, Apple, for the free advertising.

 To Nike and Apple:  If you do choose to pay me for my services, leave a comment below and I’ll tell you where to send the check.