bitches get shit done

I called Dani on the road today to brainstorm what the eff we were going to write about for our Friday post. I was en route to Seattle (by way of an overnight stay in Tacoma at my parents’ house) to catch an audition first thing in the morning in the fair (rainy) Emerald City. I was not surprised to find that she was on the road too, making the trek from the USC campus back to her home in Silver Lake.

As Britt and I chatted (safely, using hands-free technology**) we laughed at the fact that we always talk while we are both in motion, because we both have a hard time NOT being in motion.  As stressful as that may sound… it’s not. We both thrive off of moderate insanity. It’s been that way for both of us since our time at The University of Portland. In fact, I believe that it’s the constant motion that moves us. 

Britt and I actually didn’t hang out a lot in college until her very last semester.  Everyone may not know this, but Britt has a B.B.A in Accounting as well as managing to major in theatre, and aside from doing shows and being artsy and whatnot, she was hired by Deloitte while she was still in school.  I double majored in Music and Drama and also nerded out in Honors and E-Scholars  We both got our jollies from 21-credit semesters and sleep deprivation, and didn’t hang out hardcore until we were working on artistic projects together.  

Let’s just say…D and I, we get stuff DONE.

At my desk job, I have this image hanging on the wall of my glamorous cubicle:

Tina, bitches


Tina & Amy, bitches

Damn, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler sure look fly in those suits… I wonder what these powerful beautiful women will get done next??


What’s that, Emily Schmidt? RUN FOR PRESIDENT??  My beautiful housemate in Los Angeles, who also happens to be an incredible writer and comedian, was sporting this lovely campaign t-shirt just the other day.

And I got to thinking how D and I LOVED reading this:


And how we LOVE watching this:

Parks & Rec

…And how during our 1-5 late-night driving conversation yesterday, we gushed about our mutual love of Tina and Amy. Sigh. BeOurFriendsNowPlease

be my friends NOW

And so, as we run off to a day full of class and rehearsals and auditions, and endless driving, we can’t help but think:

Bitches. Get. Shit. Done.

**Hands free cellphone technology=Phone on speakerphone shoved into bra.